In Canada, FIDA undertakes a public engagement program that seeks to engage the Canadian public in meaningful dialogue of how we as Canadians can respond appropriately and respectfully to the poor when given such political, cultural, social and economic disparities.

Here are a few ways that you can participate and support FIDA’s work:

Not-So-Comfortable Tours

Not-so-comfortable-adventures-in-understanding-poverty tours are an exhilarating seven days that take you behind the veil of Haiti.

Radyo Konesans Radio

Radyo Konesans Radio is a web-based global classrooms project ( that is currently being taught in a variety of classes in the Region of Waterloo.

Scars of Slavery Radio Series

In the Scars of Slavery: the cooperative movement as a model for sustainable development in Haiti is an eight-part radio series, which has received extremely favourable reviews from individuals and community radio stations across Canada and the United States.

Haiti Memory Calendar

The Haiti Memory Calendar was developed in celebration of Haiti’s 200th year of being the first Black Republic in the world and 20 years of FIDA/pcH fostering the productive agricultural model in Haiti. It is designed to record birthdays, anniversaries and other significant events in your family’s life. The calendar is a compendium of (Haitian) historic events, cultural practices, recipes, proverbs and stories as well as the rich photography of Stephen J. Edgar. They are available for $20 each. To order, contact the FIDA Canada office.


Presentations are offered on a variety of topics such as:

  • Adult Literacy in the Context of the Cooperative Model in Rural Haiti
  • The Role of Credit and the Rural Economy in Haiti
  • Haiti after Hannah
  • The Cooperative Model at Work in Rural Haiti
  • Mangos Falling on My Head: the real crisis in Haiti
  • Water Management and Sustainable Change in Rural Haiti
  • A New Day Dawning: Light and Transformation in Haiti