Since 1984, FIDA/pcH has been committed to providing resources to men and women who are motivated to become invested shareholders in their own productive agricultural cooperative as governed by the Seven International Principles of Cooperative.

These resources include:

  • Training in cooperative principles and management toward formal recognition.
  • Agricultural training and inputs including a credit program.
  • A comprehensive four-level adult literacy program.
  • An innovative cooperative-based health services program around telehealth technology.
  • Founded by Jack and Anne Wall of Waterloo, Ontario who, in 1984, sold all that they had and moved to Haiti with a vision to empower the poorest of the poor to be “masters of their own destiny”. They were sixty years old at the time.
  • The mission was based on the belief in the inherent right for every person to own self-respect and to know self-worth; and that dignity is achieved through a cultivated ability to provide for our families, ourselves and our community.
  • The pcH team includes a staff of 30 Haitians with expertise in agronomy, cooperative formation, business credit, adult literacy, rural community health, telehealth technology, and a commitment to practicing participatory methodology.
  • FIDA/pcH currently partners with 17 cooperatives, representing over 9,000 invested share-holding members throughout Haiti.
  • FIDA partners and/or contracts with various non-governmental organizations (NGOs) who are committed to sustainable development approaches in Haiti.
  • FIDA/pcH is recognized as of one of the most effective organizations in Haiti committed to grassroots development and long-term impact.