Cooperative-based Health Services Pilot

This project is a three year pilot in Fon Batis, West Department. It intends to explore the possibility of delivering a cooperative-based health care service that meets the needs of a rural population and wherein the community has the capacity to support the services they so desire and not be dependent on foreign aid or the Ministry of Health. There are nine pcH-related cooperatives in the Fon Batis area representing about 3000 cooperative members.  At a proposed annual fee of 4,300 GDE or $60 USD, this has the potential to translate into about $198,000 USD per year to support health care services once the system has been established. Additional support is achieved by charging a slightly higher fee to non-cooperative members (4,500 GDE) as well as lab fees.

The pilot is expected to demonstrate that agricultural cooperatives that practice the Seven Principles of Cooperative and whose members have had access to literacy have the greatest potential to support a health service system that meets their needs. Along with a achieving numerous preventative care results, the pilot aims to improve access to first level health services within the community that includes availability of essential medications, lab services and innovative telehealth technology such as as ultrasounds, EKG, dermascopes, otoscopes, etc.

Term: 2019-2022
Cost: $600,000 CAD
Funder/Partner: Semiahmoo Rotary Club , Rotary Club of Mississauga, Rotary Club of Whitby,  Cambridge North Rotary Club, Ron and Christie Bowen, Cornerstone Payment Systems, Significant Anonymous Donor