Hurricane Matthew Recovery Response

The focus of this first phase of the program is to contribute to the agricultural recovery of farming households who were affected by Hurricane Matthew, which struck southern Haiti in October 2016. This will lay the basis for longer term agricultural capacity-building and resiliency capacity-building. Woven through the planned programming over the next two years is the core concept of enhancing resilience. This will be done through the promotion of appropriate inputs in this first six month recovery track that will begin providing enhanced year round livelihood opportunities (new and different crops, drought-resistant and crops, changing seasonal harvest patterns through grafting, etc.). After this first proposed project, the stewardship, cultivation and management of these inputs will then be taught and reinforced as part of the second eighteen month resilience track. The main community delivery mechanism through which these results will be achieved will be the community-based cooperative associations that will bring agricultural benefits to families as well as provide an avenue for community members to work together collectively.

Cost: $211,415 CAD
Term: April 2017- March 2019
Funder/Partner: World Renew/CFGB (Canadian Food Grains Bank)