Kreyòl Garden

An industry driven agroforestry model for agricultural revitalization in Grand Anse post Hurricane Matthew. This project is a pilot that aims to establish a new model of agro-forestry in Haiti to improve household and livelihoods of members of two agricultural cooperatives. The Kreyòl Garden model embraces the concept of producing tree, orchard, and annual crop species on each plot of land while restoring natural ecological processes. This approach reduces the biological and economic risks associated with single commodity agriculture. The pilot intends to see cooperative producers have improved access to agricultural inputs and enhanced skills in agricultural practices. Furthermore, there will be an enhanced understanding of environmental restoration and conservation techniques. The pilot anticipates there will be significant environmental benefit that will have established a viable growing stock with measurable diversity which will contrast with other agro projects.

The pilot will engage 300 select cooperative members of two rural communities currently struggling at a subsistence level, to participate in a model and innovative agroforestry project. The 300 members plus their families representing over 1500 men, women and children respectively will be the direct recipients of the nutritional and economic benefits of the pilot during its establishment. Indirect beneficiaries include 3000 cooperative members in three communities plus their families (15,000). The project is designed to be scalable for every cooperative farmer to employ on their land space as a living example for others.

Cost:  $855,197 CAD
Term: 2017-2020
Funder/Partner: Hope International Development Agency (HIDA), Foresters for Haiti, Premier Equipment Ltd., Gaylea Foundation