Increasing Cooperative Member Capacity Through Adult Literacy

The intent of this program is to strengthen the capacity of women and men farmers to enable greater trust, confidence and self-awareness for the greater benefit of families and the community. The program offers a three-level curriculum in Kreyòl with each level being a nine-month term and covers the following areas of learning:

  • Knowledge and application of the notions of oral communication, written and artistic
  • Knowledge and application of essential concepts in mathematics
  • Knowledge and skills in experimental sciences
  • Knowledge, awareness and skills related to their environment
  • Knowledge and ability in protection of the environment
  • Knowledge and ability in business management
  • Ability to transfer skills and to create wealth
  • Knowledge and ability to respect the rights of others and to perform civic duties responsibly
  • Capacity to transmit learned values
  • Ability to exercise decision-making power within groups and/or community.

The project presently includes 737 men and women.

Cost: $233,929 USD
Term: October 2016-October 2019
Funder/Partner: Gaylea Foundation, FIDA USA,  Semiahmoo Rotary Club and other significant donors.