Strengthening the Capacity of Seed Bank Cooperatives in Fon Batis

Even though cooperatives in the Fon Batis have been long established, their growth has been limited due to their lack of access to agricultural credit for their members and capital credit for the business. Despite these challenges a level of organizational structure has been maintained and they remain in compliance with cooperative operating principles. Without external support, many cooperatives are unable to advance or fulfill the main objectives for which they were created. While they have a certain economic stability that allows them to continue to operate, they do not have sufficient structures in place to rise to a higher organizational level. In addition, the agricultural sector as a whole in Haiti is being challenged to source appropriate seed or even to source seed at all sufficient to meet the demand. This project proposes to strengthen two cooperatives in the Fon Batis area of Haiti:Coopérative Lumière Chinchiron (COLUC) and Coopérative L’union Peyisan Calouis(CUPEC); to provide funding and support for income-generating activities for members and to the cooperative organizations which will include the establishing of seed banks.

Cost: $349,082 USD
Term: 2016-2018
Funder/Partner: Premier Equipment Ltd., Hope International Development Agency, other significant donors