Saint-Marc Cholera Prevention and Treatment Project

To decrease preventable deaths due to cholera, diarrheal illness, and other hygiene related illnesses for farming families in Haut Saint-Marc. 300 women and men from three local cooperatives were trained in basic hygiene practices such as hand washing and water purification. Training also focused on building and maintaining latrines that are appropriate to the local community, and basic assessment and treatment skills for diarrheal illness. Local cooperative members in Haut Saint-Marc, an area particularly hard-hit by the cholera epidemic, enhanced their skills in the prevention and treatment of cholera. They gained increased capacity to protect their own general health and to advocate for their health needs and the greater systems that affect their well-being.

Cost: $63,000 USD
Term: 2012
Funder/Partner: Emergency Relief and Development Overseas (ERDO) and Dr. Becky Eleck