Enhanced Livestock Health and Production Capacity in Rural Cooperatives

To increase the capacity of pcH in the area of basic animal health services by providing training to its members and to develop and promote the use of best practices in livestock health in rural Haitian cooperatives through training of trainers. pcH staff received training in community-based animal health work and have become more proficient as trainers and administrators of best practices for livestock health and production management. pcH staff have gained increased access to course materials and resources that will assist them in training cooperative members in livestock health and production techniques. As a result, pcH-supported cooperatives and their members gained increased access to trained personnel delivering agricultural and veterinary services. Cooperative members have increased their knowledge and skill in livestock health and production management. Click here to find out more about ISCA’s partnership with FIDA/pcH in Haiti.

Cost: $25,000 CAD
Term: 2012
Funder/Partner: University of Prince Edward Island Atlantic Veterinary College (AVC) and International Sustainable Community Assistance (ISCA)