“True Development must be in the hands of the people. If it is not envisioned by the people, owned by the people, and managed by the people, it will surely fail.”

This is the premise on what the Foundation for International Development (FIDA) philosophy is built on… as espoused by Jack Wall, the organization’s founder, who, in 1984, with his wife, moved to Haiti to put these words into action… planting the seeds for sustainable development in the rural areas.

Currently FIDA /pcH (productive cooperatives, Haiti) is partnering with 17 cooperatives, representing over 12,000 members throughout Haiti.

A staff of 30 Haitian agronomists, technicians and educators provide resources to these rural communities who are motivated to advance themselves economically by forming said productive agricultural cooperative.

With the agricultural component at it’s base, the members of the cooperative also have opportunity to further invest in themselves by enrolling in  adult literacy classes and participate in what is a revolutionary cooperative-based health services concept utilizing tele health technology.

FIDA is an international organization, fully registered as a charitable organization in Canada and the USA. Our 3 boards in Canada, USA and Haiti, are united in a common vision and mission; supporting the pcH staff, cooperative leaders, and cooperative members in their rise above adversity and to know the dignity that comes through the ability to provide for themselves and their families.

Individually, as a family, as an organization or as a corporate partner, we invite you to join us to be part of the story with us… investing in the lives of those that are rising up to invest in themselves.

Betsy Wall
Executive Director FIDA/pcH

“The greatest thing you can do for someone is not to share your riches alone but to reveal to them their own.”


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